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Wedding planning, styling, event and floral design

Our main profile is planning and designing destination weddings. It is, without a doubt, a very time-consuming and complex venture, but we will be there for you during the whole process.
Our job begins already at the stage of choosing a wedding venue – since a number of factors need to be taken into consideration, not just the look of it and its capacity.
We also offer you our company representative’s support during venues inspection in order to discuss all possible nuances in your presence and assist you in making the right choice.
Apart from that, our job includes creating the style of the whole event, from the guests’ dress-code to the flowers and decorations. To put it simply, we will assist you with a whole range of services, starting with creating the “save the date” memo and the invitations, and choosing all the vendors, and finishing up with coordinating the whole event on the day of your wedding.

Styling, event and floral design
Event and floral design is all about personalizing your wedding and making it beautiful and special. I will help you define you ideas and create the style of each visual component of your wedding. From invitations to flower arrangements and installations, renting furniture, linens and cutlery, you will see it all in a presentation created for you only.
My flower team consist of high professionals from different countries and depends on the scale and budget of your wedding. For each wedding I order flowers from my Dutch supplier directly, which allows you to get the best quality blooms and greens. I also check the local markets in search of something special that would add a local touch to your celebration.
Wedding planning
Wedding planning is all about combination of a beautiful venue, a professional team and expertise of local vendors and market. Having reliable partners across the globe and working with the best professionals from all around the world, I can plan and provide the best services throughout the whole process. I will guide you through the entire planning process and let you enjoy your wedding day. From choosing your destination location and booking the most appropriate venue, to working through the menu and establishing your style, I can handle it with my team at each stage of the process.

Let yourself to dream and let me make your dream come true

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Dina Yakushina is a destination wedding stylist, designer, decorator and florist. Her company DY design executes stunning destination weddings across the globe – Italy, France, Monaco, Austria, Greece, Montenegro, Spain, Australia, Russia. She creates the whole concept of the event, connecting together all elements, works as wedding stylist, wedding designer, wedding decorator and wedding florist. She creates all what have to be in a wedding – wedding ceremony, wedding dinner or reception, photo zone, morning of the bride. Her weddings became an inspiration for many other professionals around the world. Wedding villa, wedding castle, wedding chateau, wedding hotel anywhere in Europe and around the Globe can be your destination venue and be the best wedding ever.